Monthly Archives: February 2010

Spring Break in Acapulco vs. Interviewing for your Summer Internship

A no-brainer you say? Well let’s see college students. Maybe you can do both. It takes quite a bit of planning, but here’s how our current students are making it happen. We started taking calls and emails beginning in November, getting to know all of you from Emory, Vanderbilt, Boston University and even Seoul, South […]

Biomedical Internship for an 8th grader?

Believe it or not, I’ve had more than one request for this …and the answer is….. no! Which brings up a very important point. What is the best age for an internship? It really depends on the maturity of the student. Sometimes a high school freshman can be more mature and ready for an internship […]

Where do you begin?

Winter is the time to get serious about a summer internship. Stop day dreaming and swing into action! Many high school and college students have an idea about their “fantasy” internship – The Daily Show, Teen Vogue, the White House. I suggest another approach. It’s always best to be a bit more realistic and think […]

15 Years of Internship Knowledge

Personal experiences led me to create the Internship Connection. As a former teacher, college professor and parent, I learned the importance of encouraging each of my students and children to explore and develop their own strengths and talents. Once my children were in high school, I helped them secure internships relating to their academic and […]