Monthly Archives: October 2010

A Sampling of 3 New York Internships- Summer, 2010

Divya, from Old Westbury NY is a junior at Boston University and contacted Internship Connection about a summer internship in Public Relations. We matched her to an internship at Publishers Clearing House where her mentor crafted a thoughtful letter of recommendation. Certainly this letter will be valuable as she applies for jobs after graduation. “Divya […]

Engineering 101

Harry, a junior at Hingham High is an outstanding student athlete with particular strengths in math and science. Interested in engineering and manufacturing operations, we matched Harry to a manufacturing internship. Harry’s mentor was the company’s CEO, a graduate of MIT who wrote Harry’s letter of recommendation: “I have been impressed with Harry’s engaging personality, […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

Nick, an Austin Prep junior, is learning the ropes of television production. Internship Connection established an internship for Nick that reflected his interests in television and his previous experiences in theater. He has created a stellar marketing piece for a community theater group, while at the same time, he learned all facets of TV production- […]

Fashion Internship, Summer 2010

Newbury Street Fashion Internship, Boston Hannah Orenstein, a junior at Needham High, is passionate about writing and fashion. We matched Hannah’s blogging talents to the hottest designer in Boston, Daniela Corte.