Monthly Archives: February 2014

Interview With Boston Entrepreneur Ross Chanowski, A Former Internship Connection Student

  “During my high school internship at the West Roxbury Roslindale Transcript, my editor asked me to go around the city, interviewing people I had never met, researching and writing articles for the newspaper. I was thrown into situations that were completely out of my comfort level. Looking back on that first internship with you […]

This 15 Year Old Intern Has More Confidence In His Future Than Many People Twice His Age

  My son’s summer internship provided him an incredible opportunity to experience the environment of a successful startup company, to work on real life projects that tested his resourcefulness and creativity, and most importantly, allowed him to work closely with phenomenal people who treated him as one of them. This experience gave David the confidence […]

Eshaan’s Two Startup Internships Got Him Innovating and Building Businesses

  We met Eshaan when he was a sophomore at Newton South High School. Eshaan had many interests including science. We connected him To Hyungsoo Kim, a graduate of MIT Sloan School, who was developing a watch for the blind and was a semifinalist in the MIT 100k competition. Hyungsoo was happy to hear that […]

Child Psychology Internship Aligns Closely With Nicole’s Career Goals

Nicole was interested in child development and sociology   Nicole was a vibrant and extremely poised junior at Newton South High School, when she told us she was very interested in psychology. Her activities at school included varsity dance team and an advisory leader for freshman. Because she enjoyed her courses in Peer Education, Child […]