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How One Student Built A Career On Successive Internships

Ben’s Story: A Path to a Career   The following story is an example of how one student built a career based on successive internships. You will learn how his high school internship jump- started his career.   Now age 28, Ben told us: “My internships provided a first hand experience of several, very different […]

3 Types of Girls, 3 Types of Fashion Internships

We often hear from teenage girls who dream about an internship in fashion. Fashion internships can involve a multitude of experiences, so as we meet with individual students, we try to identify the type of experience that would best match their skills and particular interests.   Hannah     Hannah was passionate about writing and […]

How A Photography Intern Got To Work Directly With Steph Stevens In Her Studio

  “Over the summer, Julia’s role expanded beyond the typical intern tasks as she was someone I could bounce ideas off of. Her perspective was fresh, insightful and constructive. I already have plans to hire her as an assistant in the future and very much look forward to seeing where she takes her education and […]

9 Shark Tank Start Up Lessons You Might Learn This Summer

  Have you ever wondered how the aspiring entrepreneurs on Shark Tank develop business pitches to investors?   Would you like to catch a glimpse of how guys like Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook?    There are over 450 companies in Kendall Square, Cambridge, over 200 startups in the Boston Innovation District on the waterfront and […]