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Guidelines Eased for Unpaid Internships

                                                                  Could your Business Benefit from an Intern? The U.S. Labor Department rolled out new guidelines for 2018 that make it easier for companies to hire unpaid interns. Our highly structured, educational program has always met the strictest guidelines for both paid and unpaid internships. We have matched talented interns to […]

Should You Include High School Experience On Your College Resume?

Continuing our series on resume writing, college students often ask us if they should include their high school experiences on a college resume.   Staff members at college career centers will often tell students that once in college, you should never list high school activities on a resume. However, from our perspective, most college freshman […]

5 Tips To Help You Think About Your Career

  As early as sophomore year in college, students are expected to choose a college major, but without workplace exposure, how is a student really able to make that determination?   Too many college students switch their majors, mainly because they haven’t gained the career exposure necessary to make a career decision. Participating in a […]

Resume Tips for High School Students

Often the high school students we meet wonder if they have enough experience to list on a resume. The answer is yes! Activities outside of school that show responsibility may include mowing lawns, baby sitting, delivering newspapers, life guarding, camp CIT, etc. Activities in school may be newspaper staff, band member, a school trip to […]