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What To Wear: Fashion Dos And Don’ts For Your Summer Internship

Dear students,   Many of you have asked me about how to dress professionally for work and my suggestion is to dress as professionally as possible, especially for the first day. Once you begin, you will be able to pick up clues from your co-workers. That being said, if someone is wearing flip flops, a top […]

Engineering 101

Harry, a junior at Hingham High is an outstanding student athlete with particular strengths in math and science. Interested in engineering and manufacturing operations, we matched Harry to a manufacturing internship. Harry’s mentor was the company’s CEO, a graduate of MIT who wrote Harry’s letter of recommendation: “I have been impressed with Harry’s engaging personality, […]

Resume Tips for High School Students

Often the high school students we meet wonder if they have enough experience to list on a resume. The answer is yes! Activities outside of school that show responsibility may include mowing lawns, baby sitting, delivering newspapers, life guarding, camp CIT, etc. Activities in school may be newspaper staff, band member, a school trip to […]

15 Years of Internship Knowledge

Personal experiences led me to create the Internship Connection. As a former teacher, college professor and parent, I learned the importance of encouraging each of my students and children to explore and develop their own strengths and talents. Once my children were in high school, I helped them secure internships relating to their academic and […]