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Reviewing a College Application in Just 8 Minutes?

It was rather shocking to read recently in the Wall Street Journal, that admissions officers at approximately 30 elite colleges read applications in eight minutes! https://www.wsj.com/articles/some-elite-colleges-review-an-application-in-8-minutes-or-less-1517400001 Because so many more students are submitting applications, the workload for individual readers has become oppressive. Instead, staffers now divvy up individual applications: “One person might review transcripts, test […]

Building Your College Application Story With An Internship

When we meet with high school sophomores and juniors, applying to college is often at the forefront of their minds as well as the angst of their parents. While their previous experiences may seem a bit disjointed to them, we are able to help them find the unique “thread of interest” that runs through their […]

Highlighting Your Summer Internship On Your College Application

  While it’s true that any extracurricular activity can potentially boost your attractiveness to colleges, those reviewing your application will be especially impressed if you demonstrate you’ve specifically pursued academic interests outside the classroom. That kind of initiative suggests an individual who’s truly passionate about something and takes the long view in career-planning. Often enough, […]