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Reviewing a College Application in Just 8 Minutes?

It was rather shocking to read recently in the Wall Street Journal, that admissions officers at approximately 30 elite colleges read applications in eight minutes! https://www.wsj.com/articles/some-elite-colleges-review-an-application-in-8-minutes-or-less-1517400001 Because so many more students are submitting applications, the workload for individual readers has become oppressive. Instead, staffers now divvy up individual applications: “One person might review transcripts, test […]

A Programming Internship for a High School Junior

Andrew is from an American family who is currently living in England. They reached out to us in order to establish an internship related to Computer Science/Programming. We Skyped with Andrew to get to know him and understand his interests, helped to establish summer housing for him in a college dormitory, and connected him to […]

High School Engineering Intern to MIT Grad

It’s wonderful to read  news about former interns! Harry participated in an engineering internship with us as a junior in high school. Harry’s mentor was the company’s CEO, a graduate of MIT who wrote Harry’s letter of recommendation: “I have been impressed with Harry’s engaging personality, intelligence and maturity throughout his internship. He quickly grasped […]

Uncovering Your College Sophomore’s Future Career

What if my college sophomore has no idea what type of career to pursue?   This is a question we hear from both parents of college and high school students. In terms of career advice, when we meet with students, we do a very thorough intake of their interests, experiences and what they are passionate […]

An Inspiring Internship at PayPal’s Boston Headquarters

  Are you thinking about a college internship in Boston? What could be more exciting than a summer internship in Boston at the ultra modern PayPal headquarters? Harrison, a student at Babson College, told us about his interest of interning at a startup, so we established an internship for him at an exciting company in PayPal’s […]

What To Wear: Fashion Dos And Don’ts For Your Summer Internship

Dear students,   Many of you have asked me about how to dress professionally for work and my suggestion is to dress as professionally as possible, especially for the first day. Once you begin, you will be able to pick up clues from your co-workers. That being said, if someone is wearing flip flops, a top […]

How Divya Reddy Turned Her Summer Internship Into A Full-time Job At Wayfair

While any internship can be rewarding, its power really magnifies when it’s in an industry that attracts you as a potential career. Interning with a company or organization engaged in work you’ve imagined yourself doing imparts valuable discipline-specific skills. That’s advantageous enough, but it’s also possible such an internship can also directly land you a […]

Highlighting Your Summer Internship On Your College Application

  While it’s true that any extracurricular activity can potentially boost your attractiveness to colleges, those reviewing your application will be especially impressed if you demonstrate you’ve specifically pursued academic interests outside the classroom. That kind of initiative suggests an individual who’s truly passionate about something and takes the long view in career-planning. Often enough, […]