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See how Internship Connection made an impact on these students' lives.

Will Johnson

CEO of Cloudy, Inc.

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Divya Reddy

Analyst at

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Brendan Nunan

Freshman at Cornell University

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Lindsey Berg

Publicity & Promotions, Columbia Pictures

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Ben Prawdzik

Junior at Yale University

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Amanda Korff

Talent Associate at No.14

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Mike Spiro

Business Associate at Vistaprint

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Jennifer Pierre

Litigation Legal Assistant

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Mike S. - Newton, MA
Junior at Newton North High School

Mike's passions include graphic arts and business. He was interested in learning how a successful business is developed, and in particular, marketing and advertising. We matched Mike to a young entrepreneur who is the founder of an extremely successful advertising/PR firm.

In his journals, Mike told us that he enjoyed the fact that most people in the office were in their 20's and the vibe was a lot of fun. He was given many responsibilities including developing media lists for pitches, market research, and graphic design projects including logo conceptualization. He enjoyed sitting in on his mentor's media pitches and learned how to be more confident on business telephone calls.

In the IC journal called Taking a Risk, Mike wrote "The first risk I took was in my second week when I asked to help out in the graphic design department. I hadn't been introduced to them yet, but I wanted to show them my design skills. I was instantly comfortable around them and they trusted me to get the work done. From this, I learned that I should be more inclined to take chances in order to gain experience."

Mike's mentor, who is the president of the marketing company and a Professor of Media Relations at Emerson College, wrote in his letter of recommendation," Mike focused on assisting me create, implement and manage marketing programs for a wide range of clients. Throughout the time he spent with us, he demonstrated solid analytical thinking and diligent research skills. His intuitive knowledge and leadership skills enabled him to embrace every challenge he came up against, contributing in both strategy and execution to numerous marketing programs….He is exactly the type of enthusiastic, open-minded student I look for in the courses I teach at Emerson and would be an asset to any university.

Mike's mom told us that the internship was of great benefit. "It was Mike's first experience in the adult working world, a great introduction to business; he developed responsibilities and relationships with his mentor and colleagues and gained information for his future. The fact that his mentor wrote such a super letter of recommendation was a wonderful plus."

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Ali S.- Sudbury, MA
Junior at The Rivers School

Ali enjoys both art and children. She has experience as a babysitter and camp counselor and enjoyed a previous summer experience in the arts. Ali thought that she might be interested in a teaching career. IC placed Ali at a well-known arts center in Brookline that provides arts education for both children and adults. Her mentor, the Assistant Director, is a young woman with a Masters Degree in Arts Administration who told us about her own positive experiences as an intern.

Ali enjoyed her experience as an assistant teacher. When we visited, Ali said, "A new class comes in every week with different kids. I'm able to observe a different dynamic in each class. We've been working on drawings, paper mache, clay and painting. I've been able to observe how teachers give demonstrations and I'm learning about classroom management. The art center is next to the T stop which is so convenient."

Ali's mentor was so pleased with her enthusiasm and work ethic that she offered her a part-time paid position during the year to help out at birthday art parties.

Nat - Newton, MA
NYU Tisch School for the Arts

Nat was a talented artist at Newton South High School and wanted to learn about various art careers. He was matched to Mystic Scenic Studios, a set design company whose clients include Walt Disney Studios and the Boston Ballet.

Nat went on to Cornell majoring in art and technology and NYU's Tisch School for the Arts graduate school program in Interactive Telecommunications.

He's currently an interactive designer for R/GA, the top interactive advertising firm in New York City and works with clients including Nokia and Nike. Nat writes, "That summer high school internship exposed me to so many possibilities that I hadn't thought of in terms of career. I learned about storyboards and art direction, industrial design, architectural models and cad design. It made me realize that my interests in art actually related to technology."

Jessica B. - Brookline, MA
Freshman at Buckingham, Browne and Nichols

Jessica is a talented artist. In order to expose Jessica to a wide variety of arts fields, she was placed at an arts non-profit, the largest provider of arts outreach programs in Massachusetts's schools.

A partial list of her responsibilities included updating the performance requirements for 33 performers, making updates to their website, and working on a marketing project that involved uploading artist information and photos onto an Artist directory. Her most challenging project was creating curriculum support materials for classroom workshops.

In her journal entries, Jessica described her experience "The internship gave me my first real work experience, interacting with office members, working on projects. I also learned how to take the train by myself. I gained a lot of confidence and independence. I also felt self-satisfied because the work I did made a difference and it was acknowledged. I discovered that there are different aspects of art- the creation, the business side, and art education. I gained office and computer skills, especially using Quark, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Working on my projects taught me to be resourceful, meticulous, proactive and organized."

In her glowing letter of recommendation, the program coordinator writes, "Jessica was our first high school intern, however, she quickly demonstrated skills and a level of maturity that outstripped many college interns we have employed. She has been a valuable asset to this organization and we are sorry to see her go."

Jessica's mother said, "I just want to thank you for finding Jessica this wonderful summer internship opportunity. All the folks there were fabulously nice to Jessica and made her summer experience very rewarding."

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Sungmon Choi - Seoul, Korea
Sophomore at Malden Catholic High School

Sungmon told us that since he was a young boy, he loved looking at the stars. His academic interests include astronomy, astrophysics, science and math. We established an internship for him with the director of an international scientific organization involved in observing, analyzing and archiving observations of stars from observers around the world. Sungmon assisted with a variety of administrative tasks including archiving and creating documentation and processing data.

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Gideon D. - Newton, MA
Sophomore at Newton South High School

Gideon "lives" for baseball, has visited many stadiums across the country and dreams about a position in management for a minor league baseball team. IC contacted numerous teams in the Greater Boston area. Gideon's infectious personality helped him land the position of game-day intern for an independent league baseball team. Gideon worked under the direction of the Assistant General Manager. " I learned about team management, activities that take place on game day, the economics of running a team, audio-visual simulcasts, and the importance of customer service."

Gideon's mother wrote to us about the unforeseen benefits of his internship. "As is often the case with learning, some of the most important lessons Gideon learned at Brockton were unplanned and unforeseen. Coming from Newton, the commute down to Brockton by public transportation and his time at the stadium led him to be exposed to people who lead a very different life to ours. Gideon had the chance to meet people who have far fewer privileges and opportunities than he and his friends have. It was an eye-opening and maturing experience for him.

There was a poignant quality to Gideon's impressions of the players on the team, for many of whom an independent league is the final stop in the world of professional baseball, and of the people who live in Brockton and come to the stadium. Gideon learned about success, but he also learned about failure. Can there really be more important and profound lesson for a young man his age?"

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Leah Blachman - Arlington, MA
Sophomore at Arlington High School

Leah was active in chorus, enjoyed doing make-up and helping with costume changes for school theater. She also took a summer cosmetology course at Minuteman High School, which covered hair care, manicures, pedicures, and makeup application.

In order to get practical career experience, we matched Leah to a high-end salon and spa that offers hair, make up, body treatments, facials and message for their clientele. Leah was warmly welcomed by the staff and spent her time observing and helping out in many areas.

She was also exposed to their marketing department and learned how they maintain and develop their client base.

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Dorie Klein - Newton, MA
Sophomore at Newton South High School

Dorie absolutely loves books, history and museums and wondered if we could parlay those interests into an internship. Combining those interests, we established a unique experience for her at a major public institution, the Boston Public Library.

Dorie catalogued the Mason Maps, an enormous set of surveyor drawings from historical Boston. She also worked on a project for the Director of Education, reading through historical narratives and selecting several that would become part of the Civil War Curriculum at the map center.

Her mentor wrote, "Everyone is raving about Dorie. We are happy that we have been able to give her an interesting and diverse experience."

Tanna – New York, NY
SAR High School

Tanna, a high school sophomore, was interested in antique books. After much research, we connected her to a rare book dealer. In her recommendation letter, the owner described Tanna's experiences there. Tanna catalogued new arrivals and wrote catalogue descriptions, archived a NYC poet's body of work and personal library, working on location in the poet's residence. She participated in rare book field trips around the city, meeting professionals in the field. She went on book-buying trips and visited a professional paper conservator and book binder and even attended an auction of books and manuscripts at a prominent New York auction house.

Her mentor wrote, "Tanna has the intelligence and ambition necessary to make a valuable contribution to the field of literature and rare books, or whatever field she chooses to pursue."

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Alex Finkielstein – Newton, MA
American University, Washington D.C.

Alexis, a graduate of Gann Academy, is majoring in business at American University's Kogod School of Business. Alex wasn't sure if he would be able to participate in an internship because of a previously planned family trip in the middle of the summer, but we were able to create a customized work schedule with his mentor.

We matched Alex to a governmental agency relating to business development where he witnesses the interaction of businesses and state government. He attended board hearings, created spreadsheets and questionnaires, and received the highest praise from the entire department.

Alex wrote, "The best part of my internship has been witnessing the interaction between businesses in Massachusetts and the state government. In doing this I have been able to attend hearings and see in person the impact that economic development can have on the local job market and economy."

Dan Frechter – Newton, MA
Junior at Newton South High School

Dan expressed a passion for business, having taken business and entrepreneurship courses in high school. We matched Dan to a start-up company which was one of the 2011 winners of the MassChallenge award for entrepreneurship.

This business was founded by 2 young CEO's who conceived of an innovative online platform for matching artists to exhibit spaces. Dan interned 3 days a week and learned what it takes to launch a start-up, how to market and pitch to venture capitalists, and much more.

Dan wrote, "The best part of my internship was attending the MassChallenge 5-Day boot camp and learning about basics of entrepreneurship (Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.) At one point, someone sat down and asked me about ArtVenue. It was my fourth day and I had to tell this person all about the company, business model, company goals, etc. I realized I had done a good job of observing my company and absorbing information by listening in just a few days to the point where I could describe the company to a stranger without help from my bosses."

Dan sat in on meetings with lawyers and clients. Additional responsibilities were: Formulating and sending out responses to e-mails, researching and contacting potential customers, updating company CRM database (customer relationship management) and social network pages.

At the end of the summer, the CEO told us that Dan would be sorely missed and that he made a tremendous contribution to the team.

Jon Schwartz – Newton, MA
Junior at Newton North High School

Jon was a supervisor at a local tennis and squash club for the summer and wondered if he would be able to fit in an internship. We were able to establish a 3-day per week experience that was customized for his schedule.

We matched Jon to an early stage company in the messaging, communication and social media space. The Chief Technology officer and Co-founder wrote Jon's letter of recommendation:

"Our enterprise is at the leading edge of technology, which matches well with Jon's academic and professional interests. We were able to provide him with rapid-fire experience in business at the dead center of today's challenges.

Jon's ability to pick up new tasks and get stuff done was frankly amazing. He jumped right in and became part of the team, providing input to problems that we actually implemented."

In his journal, Jon told us, "The more I worked as an intern, the more I became integrated into the actual world of a CEO. At one point, I gave him a suggestion from a different perspective and it turned out to work really well. I learned to be more confident and expressive with my own ideas."

Matt Vardaro – Burlington, MA
Junior at Lexington Christian Academy

Matt's interest in business led us to the winner of Harvard's Innovation Challenge. This company, located in Cambridge, MA provides customers with the ability to search, from all electronic devices, hundreds of daily deals sites in order to save more and get deeper discounts.

Matt worked directly under the CEO and his role involved research, marketing, advertising and brainstorming creative pitch ideas. He told us that the highlight of the summer was the chance to set up a booth in Harvard Square to pitch the company. His boss told him that he was responsible for coming up with the entire plan including hiring people for the promotion as well as creating the marketing materials. While as first a bit overwhelmed, Matt quickly rose to the challenge and executed a highly successful event. Matt enjoyed the camaraderie of the team and felt that he made long lasting connections for the future.

Sungeun Park- Seoul, Korea
Sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School

Sungeun is following in the footsteps of his dad who founded an international business spanning Europe, Asia and South America. Sungeun expressed a desire to learn about American business "from the ground up" and in particular, an internet business.

We placed Sungeun (pictured at work) on an administrative internship at a large e-commerce company in Boston. Previous internships there had been reserved for college juniors and seniors only, but after Sungeun's interview, the recruiters were pleased to grant him a summer internship. Sungeun told us that his experience was invaluable. He learned about the company's business model, best practices and training and development. More importantly, he learned about the culture of the American workplace and made valuable business connections for the future.

Business & Human Resources Internship
Anne - Framingham, MA Junior at Framingham High

Anne told us that she is a "people person" is interested in business and thought it would be great to work in the city. After careful consideration, we thought that an internship in Human Resources would be perfect for her and matched her to an international staffing agency in Boston.

Anne wrote, "This internship has been amazing. I went into the internship with the intention that I would learn the ins and outs of human resources, but what I learned was so much more. I learned filing methods, organization skills, different programs and systems, the importance of deadlines, how to act and dress appropriately in the work setting, and how to interact with co-workers. I also learned how to commute and get around in Boston. I didn't know if I would be able to do the work expected. It turned out to be the best experience. The final week, my mentor and the 20 other employees bought dinner and held a last day party for me.

I walked away from this experience confident that I could not only excel in human resources, but in any job I may choose if I work with dedication. My mentor really spent time talking with me about how to plan for my future, and we continue to keep in touch. She also wrote a great letter of recommendation for me for my college applications, and the college interviewers really seemed interested in hearing about my internship experience.

Boston Business and Science Internship
Jake - Loomis Chaffee School

Jake was interested in science and business and was hoping to combine his interests in a summer internship. We arranged a prestigious placement with the Industry Director for the MA Office of Business Development, focusing on renewable energy companies.

Jake told us that his duties were interesting and varied. They included researching companies, gathering statistics, writing detailed reports on each company, arranging industry meetings, and assisting with trade show planning.

The Director highly recommended Jake. "His work was consistently outstanding. I strongly recommend him as a quick study and independent worker. With Jake's support, we prepared for three major trade shows, encouraging companies to invest in MA. On another project, he prepared background briefings that helped us better engage with top executives. I strongly recommend him for roles requiring attention to detail, independent thinking and action. I am confident he will be successful in any role he chooses."

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Cooking and Inner-city Internship
Anna C.- Concord, MA
Sophomore at Concord Carlisle High School

Anna told us that she has always been very interested in the world around her, she lived previously in Costa Rica and was interested in anything "urban related." We also learned that she was proficient in Spanish and very interested in cooking.

One of the most satisfying aspects of our work at Internship Connection is finding an internship placement that combines a student's interests. We placed Anna at a non-profit that provides inner-city middle school students from Boston schools with an educational experience that teaches life skills through the art of cooking.

In her journal, Anna writes, "I am responsible for setting up, cleaning up, keeping students in line and leading some instruction during each class. I learn while the kids learn- about technique and preparation. I also realize that I like the atmosphere of the kitchen- fast-paced and organized. I am surprised to discover that I enjoy working with kids. At times, their behavior is frustrating, but I'm gaining confidence to keep them in check. I think we learn a lot from each other. The people I work with only add to this great experience. The chefs who teach are talented and enthusiastic and the director is passionate about the program and its goals."

Boston Cooking Internship
Nadav S. - Newton, MA
Sophomore at Newton South High School

Nadav has many interests including dog breeding, cartooning and photography. This past summer, he thought that an experience related to his love of cooking might be interesting.

In order to expose Nadav to the idea that food can relate to business, he was placed with a young mentor/entrepreneur who has created a cooking school for children.

Nadav describes the benefits of his experience, "My cooking skills have definitely improved. I cooked a two-course meal for my family. Also, the internship helped me see all of the things that go into running a business, for example, appliances, buying food, hiring employees, etc."

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Boston Computers & Entrepreneurship Internship
Will - Concord, MA
Junior at Concord-Carlisle High School

Will already had an impressive resume. He was hired by his school to create their website, worked in programming after school for a local company, and started his own on-line website where DJ's create play lists for users. Will's internship objective was to improve his understanding of web technology and media by interning at a web 2.0 company.

After extensive research we were able to establish an internship at a well known start-up matched exactly to Wills interest in media and music. "I have been working with the founder as well as their web guru to brainstorm and prototype software that would enhance their software offerings. For instance, I have made a functioning prototype of software that allows employees to quickly add new KeyFeeding sources to the platform. The goal of my work is to demonstrate an early functioning version of software that could be re-coded by engineering and added to the production version, allowing management to assess the value of the potential new feature before committing valuable engineering resources."

When we visited during the summer, Will proudly showed us that they placed his name on the door of the office where he worked. When asked what the best part of his internship was, Will wrote, "The opportunity to work directly with the founder (pictured with Will in the photo) on a daily basis has been phenomenal, and far more access than I had expected. I have also had great experiences with many other employees, all who are willing to help me solve a problem or brainstorm ideas. I have had many discussions where I have actually felt as if I was having a say in the direction the company will take in various areas, something which I would have hardly dreamed of coming into the internship. Separately, I was also able to sit in a few days ago on their quarterly meeting, where they discussed the current situation and future direction of the company, an experience I found extremely valuable, as I look to someday start my own business."

Will was actually hired to work there after school during his senior year. We are sure that he will enjoy these professional contacts for many years to come.

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Costume Design

Boston Costume Design Internship
Caroline L., Sharon, MA
Freshman at Syracuse University major: Theatre and Fashion Design

Caroline had won numerous statewide awards in high school for technical excellence in costume design. The Internship Connection placed her with a prestigious theatre company in Boston where she stitched costumes in the costume shop as well as working for the costume head of Emerson College's theatre department.

Caroline wrote, "Everything worked out very well. I met some great people and learned a lot. It was an experience that I know will help me out in the future. Thank you so much for helping me find this internship."

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Boston Engineering / Science / Entrepreneurship Internship
Brendan Nunan - Carlisle, MA
Carlisle High Schoo

Brendan is a very well rounded student who enjoys learning, especially chemistry and biology. Also, as a skier and outdoor enthusiast he became very interested in conservation and sustainability. Combining these interests, we matched Brendan to the CEO of a company that was developing an innovative and sustainable way to manufacture mosaics, using a robotic manufacturing process.

Brendan worked in production and conducted small engineering projects. He designed methods to unload tile tubes more efficiently, designing a stopper, creating a prototype and then testing the design.

In his journal, Brendan wrote, "I learned a lot of math and science in school, but never had the chance to apply these concepts to real life processes. I enjoy discussing ways to make tangible systems more efficient and sustainable. An added feature of my internship has been the experience of working in a start-up company environment. I am gaining a lot of experience by observing my co-workers in action and watching how decisions are made and problems tackled. I love how the CEO and founders are in the same room as the production workers and engineers.

I was able to sit with the co-founder responsible for marketing who discussed strategies for marketing their products. We talked for about an hour about their evolution and also discussed the difference between working for a big company and starting your own. Now I have come to understand the difficulty of taking the initial risk and am inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work involved."

The CEO wrote Brendan's letter of recommendation: "Brendan made an immediate impact with our engineering and production team. Despite being only a high school student, he was able to integrate well with engineers and offer insightful ideas. He quickly mastered the production processes and began working on ways to improve them. Brendan got his first taste of engineering by pinpointing problems, designing solutions, prototyping solutions and then fabricating those solutions. He designed methods to make our tile inspection station as automated and comfortable as possible. His insights allowed our full time production workers not only to work more comfortably and sustainably, but also to see new ways of approaching production improvements.

After being immersed in the startup environment Brendan has made it clear that he wishes to start his own company some day. He definitely has a passion for knowledge in many fields and I feel he is excited about combining technology with one of his broad interests, including, music, social sciences, sports, or conservation. I believe Brendan has the entrepreneurial and pioneering drive to make the strongest contribution to any college he applies to."

Boston Engineering Internship
Harry - Hingham, MA
Hingham High School

Harry, a high school junior, is an outstanding student athlete with particular strengths in math and science. Interested in engineering and manufacturing operations, we matched Harry to a manufacturing internship. Harry's mentor was the company's CEO, a graduate of MIT who wrote Harry's letter of recommendation:

"I have been impressed with Harry's engaging personality, intelligence and maturity throughout his internship. He quickly grasped the necessary concepts involved in our operation and excelled on every task that he was assigned to. His responsibilities included: attending all manufacturing meetings, learning ISO requirements and the operating procedure for all machines. Once I understood his advanced level of competence, I assigned Harry the task of developing procedural documents for maintaining each piece of equipment. Harry became aware of vendor issues and wrote up a thoughtful report concerning quality control. I found his interest in engineering and quick grasp of manufacturing issues unusual for a high school student.

With the intelligence and drive that Harry brought to our company as a high school intern, I can only imagine what he would have to offer to MIT and his chosen profession."

In addition, Internship Connection contacted another CEO of a prestigious engineering consulting firm in downtown Boston, who was happy to arrange a visit. Harry spent several hours touring the offices and meeting all types of engineers. He learned about engineering as a profession, the various types of engineering fields and enjoyed lunch and camaraderie with professionals immersed in the field.

Boston Engineering Internship
Alex N. - Norwell, MA
Senior at Norwell High School

Alex is a gifted young man with a passion for engineering, product design and consumer psychology. After meeting with Alex and observing his inventor's journal, the Internship Connection designed a customized experience that would give Alex the opportunity to visit the top product development companies in New England.

He was able to meet with CEO's, engineers and product developers and receive a tour of their companies.

By utilizing the interview questions in The Internship Connection Journals, he interviewed the CEO's to gain a comprehensive understanding of their engineering and design processes and products.

In addition, Alex learned about college programs that would best meet his interests. Each CEO was impressed with Alex's interests and intellectual curiosity, and would like to hear from him in the future.

Alex writes, "This internship has definitely impacted by goals for the future. I've learned so much about the difference between engineering, which solves a specific problem and industrial design, which seeks to look at the whole user experience. Now I realize that I should pursue a general engineering education in conjunction with liberal arts, as opposed to a specific product development path of study. I offer my most heartfelt thanks."

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Boston Environment/ Alternative Energy Internship
Sara H. - Lexington, MA
Junior at Lexington High School

Sara's interest in alternative energy began as a freshman in high school when she conducted a wind feasibility study for her science fair project. Taking daily readings from an anemometer, she compared household gas/energy to potential wind power, calculating usage and cost. Impressed by the results in support of wind power, she continued her interest sophomore year when she wrote a research paper on the Cape Wind project.

Sara expressed a desire to become more involved in renewable energy and sought an internship that would further her research interests in both solar and wind power. IC placed her at an Energy Consumers Alliance where she worked on several projects relating to community outreach and advocacy. She created a pamphlet as a way to promote renewable energy, visited a wind turbine in Hull, MA, researched the science involved in solar panels, and developed a series of lesson plans on solar energy for high school students.

Sara told us that her summer internship solidified her interest in environmental science and she intends to further her studies in college. She is including her mentor's letter of recommendation in her college application. Her mentor writes "Sara proved her academic intelligence with the quickness that she picked up tasks and complicated policy and scientific concepts. The project she developed for high schools about solar panels demonstrated her ability to not only understand the complex nature of solar energy, but to consolidate the information into easy-to-understand activities for high school students, relating to physics, chemistry and math. With the intelligence and drive that Sara brought to our organization as a high school student, I can only imagine how she will bloom through her experiences in college."

Boston Environment Internship
Ollie E. - Weston, MA
Junior at Weston High School

Ollie has a wide variety of interest: athletics, environmental action and teaching inner-city kids. He especially enjoyed a previous Outward Bound kayak trip. The IC counselors searched for a placement site that would allow Ollie to explore combined interests: the environment and working with students in environmental education. Ollie became a teaching assistant at a Mass Audubon community based education center in Mattapan that provides environmental education to local youth.

Ollie told us that he enjoyed helping students with a variety of hands-on activities and field trips to salt marshes and the Blue Hills Observatory. He told us that the most important things he gained from his internship were: enjoying students from an urban environment, learning about practical strategies to use in the classroom, and mastering driving around rotaries in Boston!

Boston Environmental / Social Justice Internship
Alex - Brookline, MA
Brookline High School

As a high school sophomore with dual interests in the environment and social justice, we researched many organizations for Alex. We connected him to a placement where he was able to work with inner city children as a junior program assistant in marine education. He enjoyed the experience of commuting into the city on his own and teaching kids about crabbing, fishing and identifying sea life.

In his journal, Alex wrote, "One of my first trips out to George's Island, there was a slow boat full of kids and we were a distance away. I could see the kids getting a bit fidgety so I started asking questions about what they could see in the harbor and kids began to liven up. Once we got to the island, they were excited. I was proud that I made their trip more enjoyable and I also learned that just a question or two can really make a difference in someone else's experience."

Alex's mentor, who was the Director of Programs and Development, wrote his letter of recommendation. "Alex was given a crash course in local marine ecology and the fundamentals of research science. He took on a leadership role in what can be an exceptionally challenging audience- at risk youth close to his own age. In both regards, he excelled. His natural enthusiasm and interest in the environment helped him keep up with scientific topics and his approachable demeanor combined with his outstanding work ethic made him an engaging leader with the kids we serve."

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New York City Fashion Internship
Sophie Nir - New York, NY
Columbia Grammar

Sophie is a sophisticated young woman interested in fashion and makeup. Because of her experience as a thoughtful consumer, she was able to express her own opinions about how items could be packaged and marketed more effectively.

We matched Sophie to a seasoned marketing mentor who was in the initial stages of starting a focus group and online community for girls to share their shopping finds, beauty advice, and style tips. Her responsibilities included: involvement in online marketing + social media efforts through short-form communications, watching, storyboarding and writing short video segments on new trends. Sophie learned about starting a fashion and beauty business in New York City and was able to express her views and opinions to the Senior Directors of this early stage company.

Boston Fashion Internship
Lauren Clayton - Newton, MA
Sophomore at Landmark School, Beverly, MA

Lauren has a bubbly and outgoing personality and loves art. She thought that she might be interested in a career in fashion. We matched Lauren to 2 young women who were CEO's at fashion start-ups. The first invited Lauren to help out at a trunk show where they demonstrated their innovative products; Clients have a hand at designing their own shoes.

The other CEO has a company that developed an innovative dress shoe that converts from a low to high heel. She hired Lauren as a summer intern. In her journal, Lauren wrote, "This internship gave me an inside look how to start a company in the fashion industry. Although my passion is fashion and design, I learned about business as well. I conducted research, communicated to vendors, used PowerPoint and Excel, sewed and designed.

Boston Fashion Internship
Hannah Orenstein - Needham, MA
Needham High School

Hannah Orenstein, a junior at Needham High, is passionate about writing and fashion. We searched for the right internship that would combine Hannah's interests and talents and matched her to the hottest designer in Boston, Daniela Corte.

Hannah interned at the Newbury Street studio where she learned all aspects of running a fashion business. Her responsibilities included contacting high-end boutiques across the country, greeting clients and fashion editors, making travel arrangements, blogging about fashion and products and working on photo shoots.

Not only did Hannah learn what goes on behind the scenes, she learned what it takes to be a professional. "Because I'm representing Daniela, I must be professional, knowledgeable, organized and responsible. It's important to embody the vibe of her company. Seeing how she interacts with customers and industry insiders has given me a whole new outlook on how I need to present myself…I can actually see myself growing and learning."

New York City Internship
Lauren - Scarsdale, NY
Scarsdale High School

Lauren had previously taken the Saturday program at FIT and wanted to have a "behind the scenes" experience in the fashion industry. We matched her to a NYC on-line fashion company with an energetic young staff.

"What I love about the company is that my responsibilities vary day to day. I have catalogued merchandise, worked on the set of photo shoots and organized marketing events. My favorite thing was assisting guest stylists."

Her mentor wrote a wonderful recommendation and said that Lauren was actually helping the college interns! "Lauren exceeded all expectations with each assigned project. Her poise made her seem mature beyond her years and her responsibilities quickly expanded. She will undoubtedly be very successful in any direction she chooses."

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New York City Finance Internship
Scott – Glen Ridge, NJ
Junior at Glen Ridge High School

Scott contacted us when after many attempts on his own, he found that it was impossible for a high school student to land an internship at an investment firm in New York City. Our counselor in New York connected Scott to one of the most well known firms and facilitated a unique summer internship. Scott was assigned to the team that oversaw the training program for new analysts. He was able to attend networking and social events as well as training sessions on global corporate strategy and financial market overviews.

In his letter of recommendation, the Vice President of Scott's division wrote, Scott was our youngest intern. His high level of maturity and professionalism coupled with his positive "can-do" attitude made him one of our most valued interns…....In summary, Scott is a team player with a maturity level beyond his years. In his short time here, he made an impression upon his colleagues and superiors. I am confident that Scott would be a great asset to any university or place of employment.

Scott described his experience in his college essay: Walking into my boss's office with high expectations, and at the same time reservations, I felt I was ready. Little did I realize how ready I would have to be. He greeted me and immediately told me to sit in on a conference call. Having expected to be a "coffee gofer" I knew from that point on, I was going to do something meaningful. What also startled me was the respect I received. I was elated with my first day and knew I would look forward to going to work each day. This experience confirmed my thoughts about the area in which I eventually would want to work.

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Boston Finance Internship
Fabian F. – Concord, MA
Junior at Concord Carlisle High School

Fabian's dad inspired his own interest in the stock market and he wanted to experience learning about money management and finance, as well as taking the train into Boston. We matched Fabian to a fantastic young woman who is a principal at a downtown investment management company. As a member of the Boston Economic Club and the Boston Security Analysts Society, Lisa was the consummate mentor, providing both guidance and inspiration.

When we visited Fabian at work, he told us "Everyone here is very welcoming, the location near Faneuil Hall is great and I like working with numbers. This is a practical application of math which is very different from the math I learned in school. I've learned how to look stocks up online and how to evaluate them based on their annual percentage increase or decrease. I was introduced to the Baseline program and how to compare different stocks. I am also responsible for researching and summarizing client information and creating a client database for the company. I was even taken to a lunch lecture on Securing Massachusetts' Leadership Position in Financial Services."

In her letter of recommendation, Lisa writes, "Fabian and I worked closely on various methods for equity research. He took quickly to the analytical process of reviewing annual reports and other data gathered in his research. Among his strengths as an intern is his ability to work well independently and to ask questions as needed. He consistently produces work that reflects he is personally invested in the outcome. I am grateful he took the initiative to seek an internship with us this summer and I am certain his enthusiasm and curiosity will lead him to continued success in whatever interests he may pursue in the future."

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Boston Finance Internship
Dan B. - Newton, MA

Dan wanted to make the most of his summer before his senior year at Newton South High School, by gaining exposure to the world of finance. He was matched to a mentor at Edward Jones who was very active in the community.

In his journal, Dan wrote, I'm learning how the stock market operates and what to look for when recommending a stock to a client. Now I understand when to buy/sell stocks and bonds and how to work with others to achieve a common goal. This internship is a great match with my skills and interests. I've always been good with numbers but I've also learned that good people skills are important for communicating to clients. I have a great mentor who has also taught me the importance of giving back to the community."

In his letter of recommendation, Dan's mentor wrote, "Dan displayed a very professional approach to his work at Edward Jones. He quickly grasped his responsibilities. His work ethic, attention to detail and communication with clients were exemplary. He was a welcome addition to our team.

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Boston Finance Internship
Penn C. - Newton, MA
University of Michigan

Penn recently wrote to us that he was just accepted to the Ross School of Business at U Michigan. He valued his summer internship experience in high school at a financial firm where he was assigned to five different financial consultants.

Penn's assignments included litigation work, data entry and calculating cost basis into the office system. He learned to use many basic business programs and especially enjoyed creating graphs and working with Excel.

In her letter of recommendation, Penn's mentor wrote, "It was impressive that Penn sought out an internship before he even entered college.

Because we are a financial investment company, Penn learned how financial consultants manage their businesses and what services we provide for our clients. He was able to gain a rounded view of the financial industry."

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Government / Public Relations Internship
Yichen (Ellise) Li - China
Junior at Northfield Mt. Hermon

Dr. Jabbawy met with Ellie at her Boston hotel when her parents were visiting from China. Ellie participated in debate and writing for her school newspaper and had previously interned in a law firm in Shanghai. Because she became interested in political science and governmental relations and we were able to establish 2 part-time internships for her, one at the State House with the first, newly elected Asian State Representative and the second at a prestigious international governmental relations firm.

In her journal, Ellie wrote: "I've been interning for three weeks and everything is going well. I really appreciate your help finding me housing. Now I only need to walk for 5 minutes to get to both internships. I didn't expect that in each place, I would be the only high school student and the only international student.The work is very interesting and I get several projects to work on every day.

At the government relations firm, I tweeted for clients, conducted research and drafted press releases. One time the HR manager asked me to go online and find potential clients for the firm. The senior vice president from the PR side was interested in an article that I shared with him and he asked me to write a pitch for this potential client.

At the State House, the things I usually do include picking up the mail, drafting response to the constituents, going to intern seminars and hearings. The people are very nice and I've established close relationship with many people. There is always free food and this Wednesday there will be free Lobster!!

I think working in both places definitely integrated my knowledge about political science and public relations. I love my internships and thank you again for helping me find these great opportunities!"

In his letter of recommendation, the State Representative wrote,
"Ellie has been a wonderful asset to me and my legislative aide. Her strong communication skills have been invaluable when interacting with constituents… She was eager to attend hearings and legislative briefings and reported back findings to our office staff. On more than one occasion, she was chosen to introduce honorary speakers at the Legislative Intern Seminars, including MA Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray…I have no doubt that she personifies the character and skills of an excellent undergraduate student at your university."

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Government Internship
Jennifer P. - Roslindale, MA
Senior at Buckingham Browne and Nichols

Jennifer is one of the most enthusiastic students we have ever interviewed. She was interested in leadership, public speaking and government, having participated as a senior prefect and on the student activities council at BB&N. Jennifer traveled a long distance each day to school by public transportation and held down a part-time job in addition to her heavy course load, handling everything with charm and an upbeat attitude. We thought that she would be a perfect addition to the office of the State Representative from her hometown district.

Jennifer's mentor was a wonderful young woman of Hispanic origin who held the position of legislative aid. Noel arranged for Jennifer to attend hearings and listen to speakers with both the Black Legal Caucus and the Women's Caucus where she learned about issues pertaining to HIV, issues for welfare mothers, and speakers on the environmental impact of current state-wide legislation. She learned about the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship program which provides training and job placement for college students in non-profit and governmental agencies. She saw government in action, watched as a bill was passed, and was treated with the college interns to a "thank you" lunch hosted by her State Representative.

Jennifer is now a freshman at Bryn Mawr (her first choice) and writes that she is grateful for her exposure to government and is already an active member in the student government association and was elected class president. Congratulations Jen!

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Government Internship
Gideon - Newton, MA
Sophomore at Newton South High School

IC matched Gideon to the office of his State Representative. He had the opportunity to provide office support and attend hearings and daily meetings with invited speakers, including Governor Patrick and members of the MA Senate. As an intern, he was able to volunteer at the National Conference of State Legislators Annual Meeting where thousands of state legislators and staff listened to speakers such as Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff and Speaker of the U.S. House, Nancy Pelosi.

Gideon told us that he was very grateful for this opportunity and was thrilled to be asked to return as an intern next summer.

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Boston Government Internship
Michelle - Newton, MA
Lehigh University

During her junior at Newton South High School, Michelle excitedly told us about a weeklong school trip to Washington, D.C. sponsored by the Close up Foundation. She became very enthused about the American political system and we matched her to Senator Cynthia Creem's office at the State House.

"I see apathy among my generation and realized that I'd like to become involved. Working for Senator Creem is fascinating. I 'm attending hearings and seminars as well as researching issues and legislation. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity."

Her Mentor, Cat Anderson wrote: " Michelle is a self-starter and quickly learned to plow right in. She reported about information gleaned from attending hearings, drafted letters to constituents, and helped with data entry and research. She was a wonderful presence in the office."

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Graphic Design

Boston Graphic Design / Business Internship
Will Spiro - Newton, MA
Junior at Newton North High School

Will is very artistic and had taken graphic design and visual communication courses in high school. His goal was to gain exposure to the field in order to determine what type of college program he would be applying to. We matched Will to a comprehensive cross-media design firm in Boston that provides visual marketing solutions for web, print, digital and mobile. Will was encouraged to create logos and participate in all aspects of their business.

Dr. Jabbawy also arranged a one-time visit for Will to a national Brand Design firm. This company serves clients from Fortune 500 corporations, including Kodak and Nantucket Nectars. Both the Creative and Art Director were impressed Will's portfolio and were happy to answer his questions about college. They talked about their own career paths, the importance of studying typography and the difference between majoring in graphic design at an art school vs. a university.

With both experiences fresh in his mind, Will now has a practical understanding of the field of graphic design.

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Green Technology

Boston Green Technology Internship
Halsey - Norwell, MA
Junior at St. Georges School, R.I.

After reviewing Halsey's school activities, we could see a "thread" of interest in the outdoors and the environment. He was also thinking ahead to a senior project where he thought about researching alternative energy. We connected Halsey to a venture capital firm in Cambridge that specialized in Green Technologies. "The best part has been working with people who were able to teach me more than I imagined possible. They taught me about business, communication, management and specifically sustainability and the environment." In the IC Journal called Taking a Risk, Halsey wrote, "I was asked to research, develop and present a Power Point Presentation to the principals in a conference room. As preparation, I researched the history and future of the green building market and early stage companies to invest in. This project, while nerve-wracking at first, gave me a tremendous amount of confidence." Halsey is pictured presenting his research to a principal of the firm.

When the managing partner heard that Halsey was interested in applying to his own alma mater, he encouraged Halsey to apply early decision and wrote Halsey's letter of recommendation for college. A portion reads," Halsey sought out this internship as a result of his academic interest in alternative energy, environmental issues and business…..He researched recent innovation in the field and focused on potential investment and development opportunities. I found his work impressive, since he was not exposed to the business or complex science beforehand. His final presentation will be a major asset for our company…..His work ethic and interest in environmental science would make him a valuable addition to any program he applies to."

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Interior Design

Boston Interior Design Internship
Shari J. - Brookline, MA
Junior at Brookline High School

Shari is interested in design: fashion, architecture and interior design. IC matched her to an award-winning, cutting-edge design firm in the SOWA district of Boston. The principal of the firm told us that he was impressed with Shari's maturity and invited her to listen in on meetings with both clients and vendors.

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Boston Journalism Internship
Laura S. - Needham, MA

Laura has many interests. When she was a junior at the Cambridge School of Weston, she was the Co-Editor of the student newspaper and the school's literary magazine and sought an internship in journalism. We placed Laura with the editor of a local newspaper where she refined her journalistic skills. Laura joined a team of reporters as they covered many community events. She learned how to interview, write and edit.

She writes, "As much as I valu internship I had last summer, I don't think journalism is my calling. I'm more interested in law right now, and plan to be involved in student government on campus."

One of the most valuable aspects of internships is when they lead to a new path and direction for a student. For Laura, a follow-up internship in law or government would be an interesting next step as she continues re her career interests.

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Boston Journalism / Business Internship
Lauren C. Chestnut Hill, MA
University of Wisconsin

Lauren was a junior at Newton North High School when she was co-editor of her college newspaper.

In order to be most effective for her role senior year, she wanted to gain exposure to newspaper editorial and marketing.

Lauren was matched to a Boston business journal and wrote, "Everything is going very smoothly. I feel very grown up driving into Boston and working in the Herald Media offices. I enjoy working with the publisher, editor and sales director. They are all very nice to me and I feel comfortable asking them questions. I wear a Herald badge and I'm treated with respect. This summer at Women's Business is certainly different from the rest. I'm learning that organization is the key to success because journalism is very personal. From interviewing to phone calls, one must present oneself in an orderly manner and have a systematic approach."

Publisher Vicki Donlan wrote Lauren's letter of recommendation. "Lauren was asked to write a spotlight article on three prominent women CEO's and their business transitions. She did the interviews, developed the questions and wrote the article. Lauren's writing skills are excellent and she was a great team player. She understood that the newspaper business has a large variety of necessary tasks and was willing to work wherever needed to get the job done. It was great having an energetic, young woman in the office."

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Boston Law / Trial Law Internship
Jake Lauer - Wellesley, MA
Muhlenberg College, PA

Jake participated in the Pre-Law Society in college and felt that an action-based, practical experience would suit him better than a "desk job." We matched him to a trial lawyer who is very involved in politics, government and community service. The attorney told me that he himself had benefited from a mentor years ago when he was in law school and would be happy to mentor a student interested in law.

Jake was able to observe and learn from his mentor during trials at several courthouses during the summer. Through hands on learning, he was exposed to criminal and civil litigation, the proceedings of several cases and the enthusiasm of a wonderful mentor.

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Boston Law / Trial Law Internship
Kim Zayhowski - Cambridge, MA
Junior at Milton Academy

Kim was particularly interested in trial law, especially after her experiences on the debate and speech teams at Milton. She enjoyed creating and disputing arguments in competitions and wanted to see first hand if a career in litigation would appeal to her.

We matched Kim to a busy District Courthouse where she worked closely with the Chief Probation Officer and staff. She learned about all aspects of the courts daily activities as well as interacting with the public. Kim was able to see first-hand how lawyers try a case and how the jury system works.

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Boston Law / Government Internship
Jung Hyun (Paul) Noh - British Columbia, Canada
Junior at Phillips Andover Academy

Paul was interested in government and law and we connected him to a wonderful State Representative. In his own words:
"Dr. Jabbawy helped me create a resume, prepped me for my interview and matched my interest in law to an internship at the Mass State House. In addition, she also helped me find comfortable and close housing on Beacon Hill, only 5 minutes away.

At work, I took phone calls from constituents, wrote letters, attended hearings on the laws which the legislature would be voting on, and went to seminars involving Representatives, Senators, sometimes Governors – past and present – and other influential people related to government. I also volunteered to be the student host for a seminar featuring John Regan, who is the Vice President of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM). My part was to introduce the guest speaker by reading his biography. I enjoyed the opportunity to address the fifty interns who had gathered to listen to the speaker. Without a doubt, I felt very nervous but it was a great chance for me to not only practice my public speaking but also become better acquainted with the speaker.

Getting to meet and work with these people who were very much currently involved in the political process was such an exciting task for me and much more than I hoped for as an intern. The best part of my internship was the people: my boss, my fellow intern and all the other people that I met 'on the job'. They were all amazing, not only to work with but to "hang out" with as well. I definitely know that my experience at the State House has allowed me to form personal connections that will remain as I continue my career - my boss and I still keep touch, and he encourages me to come back to work at the State House again next summer!

During my last week, Dr. Jabbawy also arranged a visit to Goodwin Procter, a large Boston law firm where I met with a corporate attorney in the technology group who described his business practice. This was interesting as my intended career path in law matched up with the corporate attorney's at Goodwin Procter. This was an opportunity for me to get a close-up view of the law firm (which was huge!) and some of the things that went on in the firm itself."

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Boston Law Internship
Katie S. - Milton, MA
Junior, Thayer Academy

Katie participates in mock Trial and Model U.N. Because she spends summers in Falmouth with her family, the Internship Connection contacted lawyers on Cape Cod. Katie interned two days per week in a civil law office and was able to utilize her organizational and computer skills as she performed paralegal work on a wide variety of projects.

In her journal, she wrote that one of the most challenging aspects of her work was overcoming initial nervousness when speaking on the telephone, requesting medical records for clients. "By the last phone call, I wasn't nervous anymore, even when I was asked questions I didn't expect. My mentor said it would be a good learning experience, and it was. Thank you for this opportunity. I know that not a lot of kids in high school can intern, so I appreciate the opportunity. I learned a lot and worked hard and would definitely do it again."

On Katie's last day, her mentor took her out for lunch and gave her a gift certificate to Border's.

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Boston Law Internship
Dean - Cambridge, MA
Dublin School

Dean is looking ahead to law school after college. He attended Harvard Summer School the previous summer, taking a course in law. We established a prestigious placement that related to both government and law. Dean interned directly under an attorney who is the Director of the Civil Rights Division of the Executive Office in MA.

Dean wrote about his experience in his college essay. "I was soon given an office and put to work on a proposal relating to a disparity study. I learned about the infrastructure and complexities concerning civil rights. I was able to attend meetings and analyze different legal cases. Not only did I gain knowledge in civil rights and law, but I learned how to cope with different individuals and make valuable connections in a work environment."

The Director wrote a marvelous recommendation. "Dean worked extensively on a team project that required him to review and understand significant legal tenants from many jurisdictions and collaboratively draft a request for proposal- all as a high school junior. He is a thoughtful, deliberate and inquisitive individual. He deserves a chance to perform at an institution of stature and academic rigor. I recommend him highly and wish him well in his future endeavors."

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Boston Magazine Internship
Brett W. - Newton, MA
Senior at Newton South High School

Brett had already gained retail experience through her after-school job and thought that an internship at a magazine would give her additional business exposure. Brett was placed at a new magazine where she worked with the marketing team, using Excel and speaking to potential clients.

Through this experience, she realized that her interests have now evolved to journalism. In her letter of recommendation, the Advertising Sales Manager wrote, " Brett's strong work ethic and dedication, her professional demeanor and her desire and ability to learn anything and everything we threw her way, made us view her as more than just an intern, but rather, part of the office and a member of our team.

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New York City Marketing Internship
Evan Attipoe Mt. Vernon, NY
Junior at The School at Church Farm, PA

Evan's objective was to gain exposure to the field of marketing and digital media. We helped Evan create a resume and prepare for a workplace interview that emphasized his interest in graphic design as well as previous participation in DECA, the International Association of marketing for students.

We matched Evan to a mid-town NYC brand development and marketing agency where the office vibe was young and energetic. The CEO told us that Evan was a valuable addition to his staff and was responsible for much of the research for their clients.

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Boston Medicine Internship
Kelly S. - Brookline, MA
Freshman at the College of William and Mary

During her years at Brookline High School, Kelley expressed interest in medicine and community work. Through the Internship Connection, she was matched to a walk-in medical clinic in Boston that focuses on community healthcare for veterans and the homeless.

Her responsibilities included direct patient care: checking them in, taking blood pressure, pulse and temperature, and assessing glucose levels. Kelley tells us that working with this population was a profound experience for her and confirmed her career interests.

Her mother Nancy said, "It instilled a great sense of responsibility and it was a wonderful opportunity to try out something that might be interesting to her."

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Boston Medicine Internship
Nima A. - Belmont, MA
Junior at Belmont High School

Nima has completed numerous AP courses and has volunteered in Tehran Hospital, Iran. We felt that Nima, because of his advanced studies, could possibly be a candidate for an internship relating to research. We matched him to a technology entrepreneur who is the founder of the Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis. With the help of his mentor, Nima developed a research project and power point presentation entitled, "Biological Identities and Cell Mapping." Through illustrations and a cell/organism map, Nima was able to show exact cell size using a relative scale, something that's missing in biology textbooks.

In the IC Journal, What are you Learning about Yourself? Nima writes: "I'm learning to become independent which is a very important quality in the medical field. I noticed that I have learned biology very well this year and it helps me on this job. I have also learned that asking questions can get you very far! My mentor is a very nice person and helps me whenever I need help."

Nima tells us that this internship has certainly confirmed his interest in medicine and he looks forward to an additional experience in this field.

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New York City Medicine Internship
Michael J. - Newton, MA
Brooklyn Law School

In high school, Michael thought that he might be interested in medicine. We matched him to a medical internship where he had the opportunity to work in a hospital and observe 2 surgical procedures.

Michael wrote, "Through this experience, I realized that working in a hospital environment, while fascinating, wasn't for me. Because it gave me such early exposure, I was able to eliminate it as a career interest before investing time in a college major that I wasn't interested in."

As a college student, Michael participated in internships relating to broadcast media. During one of these internships, he was exposed to legal contracts pertaining to both talent and intellectual property and realized that a legal career seemed very exciting and a good match for his interests and skills. Now a third year law student, he had an externship at Viacom, and after graduation, has been hired as an associate at a New York City law firm whose clients include corporations in the financial and telecommunication industry.

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Boston Music & Public Speaking Internship
Gina L. – Newton, MA
Freshman at Newton South High School

Skilled in instrumental music and languages, Gina was interested in finding an internship where she could convey her expertise with multiple musical instruments as well as one in which she could develop her public speaking skills. We arranged two experiences for Gina. She became a part-time guide at the State House where she created a speech and led tours for international visitors.

In addition, she interned at a wonderful music school as an assistant teacher of instrumental music in children's classes. Her mentor, Rachel was an outstanding Harvard trained arts educator who provided Gina with advice and inspiration. Rachel created additional administrative opportunities for Gina including parental phone contact and mini-research projects relating to operations. Rachel told us, "I was so impressed with Gina's maturity and flexibility. She added such positive energy to our office."

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Boston Music Internship
Alex. T. – Milton, MA
Junior at Thayer Academy

Alex is interested in pursuing a career in the music: production, business or management. We matched Alex to a young mentor who was recently promoted to Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at a nationally recognized symphony orchestra. Alex took the train into Boston and worked in marketing where he learned a new computer program, worked on outreach and researched new prospects for advertising.

In her letter of recommendation, Alex's mentor wrote, "Alex quickly learned about the organization and its many facets. He rapidly got up to speed on the various orchestras and how they would play a part during our 50th season. Alex worked extensively on our current list of advertisers and successfully researched new, potential advertisers. He worked on FileMaker Pro to create a new, up-to-date database that was very user friendly. Not only was Alex a tremendous aid to the marketing department but also to the other departments. He was always willing to help and very flexible in terms of what was asked of him. He was exposed to areas of Operations and Development, which I believe helped him to gain an overall view of the many of the functions of a non-profit music educational institution. He worked well with everyone and was always courteous of his fellow workers. He was a true team player.

I would highly recommend Alex and would happily have him return as an intern for another period. He was a genuine asset this summer and showed sincere enthusiasm for the job and the organization." back to top


Boston Pharmacy Internship
Christos V. - Newton, MA
Senior at Newton South High School

Christos discovered that it was impossible for a high school student to secure an internship in a pharmacy. The Internship Connection arranged for the Assistant Director of a hospital pharmacy, who is also on the faculty of two Boston college pharmacy programs, to become Christos's mentor for the summer.

Christos participated in pharmacy rounds to nursing units, became familiar with state-of-the art automated medication dispensing machines, and inventoried a wide variety of medications. He enjoyed working with the hospital staff and his experience has confirmed his interest in applying to college pharmacy programs.

Christos tells us, "One of the most effective aspects of The Internship Connection Program is the Guidelines for the Letter of Recommendation Form that is given to each student's internship mentor. Completing this form gave my mentor a thorough idea of my academic interests and all of my responsibilities on the job, even those with other staff members." Christos is including his recommendation letter from his mentor in his college applications.

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Boston Photography / Business Internship
Julia Spector- Newton, MA
Junior at Newton South High School

Julia had a wonderful personality and a passion for photography, travel journalism and theatre. She had taken photography courses throughout high school and a summer course at the Art Institute of Boston.

We felt that it would be important to show Julia how her love of photography could be turned into a practical career. We connected her to an artistically esteemed woman photographer who had been very successful building her business through social networking. Her clients included HGTV, Staples and more.

Julia became an apprentice in the studio and on location. She learned how to build a photography business, take professional headshots, family portraits and wedding photos. Most importantly, she learned about editing and client relations.

Her mentor wrote:
Julia was invaluable as someone I could count on to manage my equipment, set up lights, keep track of the wedding day timeline, etc. She was also able to use her own camera and shoot during different portions of the day. Other days were spent in the office. Julia helped to restructure my online portfolio, prepare blog posts, inventory my equipment and even take a head shot of a client. I valued her perspective as fresh, insightful and constructive and have plans to hire her as an assistant in the future." back to top

Physical Therapy

Boston Physical Therapy Internship
Elissa- Andover, MA
Freshman at Vassar College

Elissa enjoyed an anatomy class and became interested in physical therapy. We matched her to a rehab hospital in her area. In her journal, she wrote," I've been shadowing physical and occupational therapists, meeting patients and learning about various modalities. I've learned about splint-making, how to use the ultrasound machine, movement therapy, and 'bedside manner'. My internship has enabled me to confirm my intentions to pursue physical therapy or occupational therapy as a career. I've also received great advice on how to achieve my career goals."

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Boston Politics Internship
Eric M. - Newton, MA
Stanford University

Eric has many talents including designing an award-winning website on the Simpsons when he was in the eighth grade. When we met Eric during his junior year at Newton North High School, he told us that the most enjoyable aspect of writing for the site was the political commentary of the characters.

He said that he'd like to intern with a group that was focused on progressive politics. We placed Eric at a political action non-profit where he was greatly appreciated for his intellect and web design talents.

In his journal Eric wrote, "I'm learning about the logistical hurdles that non-profits face, how to write for an organization and the behind- the scenes workings of a political action group. The internship is making me committed to broadening my view beyond local concerns. I am becoming more proficient with quark Xpress, Internet searches and graphic design. I enjoy the vibe of my office".

His mentor, Debbie Nicholson at Citizens for Participation in Political Action wrote, " Eric was very helpful with outreach, web design and our work in redistricting reform."

Eric enjoyed his summer experience and told us that he talked about his internship during all of his college interviews.

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Boston Psychology Internship
Nikki S. - Chestnut Hill, MA
The Rivers Schoole

Nikki has always been passionate about helping others. During the summer after her sophomore year, she was matched to an organization that fostered her leadership skills.

In her journal she wrote, " I just went to the "Jug" squad, which means, "Jump up and Go". It's a group of inner-city kids my age who are training to be peer leaders relating to health issues in their community. I have the privilege to watch, learn and sometimes teach. My mentor is involving me in everything. I've helped manage several training sessions and became the leader on my last day."

In their letter of recommendation, her mentors Meghan and Laurie Jo, wrote: "Nikki brought energy and warmth to the office and all of our training sites, as well as amazing skill and organization. The work seemed to integrate well with her passions of social psychology and helping communities. She was respectful and honest and gave other teens a glimpse of her life as well. Having reciprocal relationships is of primary importance in any community work. We highly recommend her."

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Public Relations

New York City Public Relations Internship
Divya Reddy - Old Westbury, NY
Boston University

Divya is a junior at Boston University and contacted Internship Connection about a summer internship in Public Relations. We matched her to an internship at Publishers Clearing House where her mentor crafted a thoughtful letter of recommendation. Certainly this letter will be valuable as she applies for jobs after graduation. "Divya has taken on individual responsibilities more often assigned to a full time associate. She diligently prepared the team for projects and attended numerous meetings, both internal tactical meetings and vendor appointments. Divya is not only intelligent, but she also possesses the intangible qualities of being adaptable, dependable and passionate about new opportunities."

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Public Relations Internship
Lindsey –Newton, MA
Senior at The Oakley School, Oakley, Utah
Now a Freshman at Ithaca College, School of Communications

Lindsey is very personable, outgoing and possesses excellent communication skills. Because she is very interested in PR, we researched many firms in Boston. While most focus on science and technology, we thought Lindsey would enjoy a firm with a more youthful vibe. We placed her at one of the top firms in Back Bay, specializing in PR for fashion, restaurants and lifestyle clients.

Lindsey loved her work and the people in the office. She was assigned a variety of tasks, including providing assistance to managers with pitch efforts and press releases and planning décor for events. In her IC Journal called Taking a Risk, Lindsey described her feelings about a major assignment to secure raffle donations for the annual fundraiser for Zoo New England. "I was assigned this major project. I was a bit hesitant and wasn't sure if I could take on such a big responsibility, but I asked my colleagues for suggestions and it ended up being a great experience."

The principal of the firm wrote Lindsey's letter of recommendation. "Lindsey's maturity and precision were apparent in every project and task she was given. On the consumer team, she participated in the planning and execution of several high-profile projects. She led the effort to secure raffle donations for the annual fundraiser for Zoo New England and demonstrated her networking skills as she represented the face of the company to local businesses."

Lindsey is pictured on the right with her mentor in the "Celebrity Room". When celebrities come to Boston, they select items for gift bags, similar to the Oscars.

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New York City Public Relations Internship
Kally - Scarsdale, NY
Scarsdale High School

Kally enjoys writing, is interested in PR, fashion and event planning, and thought an internship in PR would give her insight into the day to day operations of an agency. We matched her to an agency specializing in the fashion and beauty industries.

"Before this internship, my main goal was to figure out what PR really was. Now I've learned the ins and outs of public relations. I have compiled research, worked on mailings, designed press kit sheets and fielded phone calls. I learned that you must be extremely organized, especially with clients and that it's important to take initiative."

The agency was very involved with Fashion Week. The principal of the firm wrote the following in Kally's recommendation letter. "Kally was responsible for working closely with Senior Account Executives on daily activities in an in-depth manner. She did an excellent job and we were very impressed by her motivation and work ethic."

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Real Estate Development

Boston Real Estate Development Internship
Dan - Newton, MA
Sophomore at The Rivers School

Dan's older sister enjoyed a media internship with us a few summers ago and suggested that Dan contact us. With a family background in real estate development, Dan was interested in an internship related to this field. We placed Dan with one of the partners of a development firm in Boston. Sean was a wonderful mentor, giving Dan an extraordinary educational experience.

In his letter of recommendation, Dan's mentor wrote "Daniel performed a wide variety of tasks. His responsibilities included: submitting building permit applications, formatting marketing material and conducting searches for potential development opportunities. Dan was taught how to perform evaluations, understand zoning, and determine values based on comparables….Expressing an interest in business, he will certainly accomplish any task he puts his mind to."

Dan thrived on his internship and is pictured on the far left in a meeting with the firm's partners in their conference room.

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Restaurant Management

Boston Restaurant Management Internship
Emily M. - Brookline, MA
Freshman at Brookline High School

Emily enjoys cooking meals for her family and was interested in learning all about the restaurant business. We matched her to a young entrepreneur/ owner of a very well known upscale restaurant. Emily bussed tables, experienced hostessing and particularly enjoyed assisting the pastry chef. She received a wonderful letter of recommendation that will certainly be helpful when she applies for paid positions next summer.

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Boston Science / Engineering Internship
Arjun Tikku - Marlborough, MA
Junior at Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School

Arjun's interests include chemistry, biomedical and chemical engineering. We matched Arjun to a Cambridge-based Therapeutics company which was featured in MassHigh Tech magazine as " one of the best start-ups to watch." This company developed a cutting edge biofilm solution that is both eco-friendly and highly effective.

Arjun's mentors were the founders of the company, graduates of Harvard Business School, MIT and Cornell. He was thrilled with the exposure he received and told us that what he most enjoyed was learning about lab techniques and standards, as well as the business side of a start-up. The internship confirmed Arjun's academic interests and provided life-long contacts for the future.

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Boston Science / Writing Internship
Kathy MA - Acton, MA
Junior at Acton Boxborough High School

Kathy told us that she had several interests: writing, business and science. She writes for her school literary magazine and is on the regional science team, so we combined all of her interests by establishing a communications internship at a state agency for the development and promotion of Life Sciences.

Kathy interned for the Vice President of Communications. In her journal, she wrote, " I write press releases, media advisories and emails. I'm involved in researching prospective companies and I've been able to sit in on conference calls as well as attend Life Science events and board meetings.

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Boston Science Internship
Benjamin J. - Newton, MA

Ben was a junior at Newton South High School and enjoyed Science and Math. He was thinking about applying to college engineering programs but wasn't certain. We connected Ben to a start-up firm specializing in a new technology.
He shared a portion of his College Essay with us. "After slipping into a white lab coat, I insert my hands into to tight latex gloves, carefully covering my hair with a cap made of thin, crinkly paper. I slide open the heavy rubber curtains, stepping into the clean room enveloped by dust-collecting styrofoam and silence. Facing me are two computers and a state of the art, half million-dollar Scanning Electron Microscope, powerful enough to see anything a few billionths of a meter in size.

I begin etching off misaligned carbon nanotubes through wafer scale electron beam lithography to design high-resolution features on test chips. Imagine computers that boot up instantaneously, cancer cells targeted at the molecular level a trillion bits worth of data stored on a chip the size of a postage stamp. I hope that someday I will contribute to the development of these exciting discoveries."

Ben included his mentor's letter of recommendation in his college applications. The Chief Scientific Officer wrote "I found Benjamin's performance impressive. He quickly grasped the necessary points for working on an operation that was a crucial part of a very complex semiconductor process flow. He was interested in the field at a fundamental, scientific level. I would be very happy to have the opportunity to work with him again. He would make a valuable addition to any research laboratory or college program.

Ben's high school internship at this technology start-up qualified him for a summer internship after his freshman year of college. He interned at a New York City investment banking firm specializing in companies that focus exclusively on this new technology. Ben conducted research, interviewed international CEO's, and was listed as a co-author in their annual report. He writes, " It was an amazing experience. The other interns were MBA's. Certainly, I was offered this opportunity because of the internship I had in high school."

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Social Justice

New York City Social Justice Internship
Jared Lundy - New York, NY

Baruch College Campus High School

Jared, a high school sophomore from New York City, was interested in "helping people" and social justice. We matched him to a famous non-profit that empowers young people to change the world. In his Internship Connection Journal, Jared wrote that he executed write-ups on social networking, prepared for an award show on VH1, and researched and contacted every minor baseball team! He especially enjoyed the intern scavenger hunt because it was a great bonding experience.

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Boston Sports / Journalism Internship
Ross C. - Newton, MA
Senior at Noble and Greenough School

Ross wrote for his school newspaper and was interested in developing his journalistic skills. He was placed with a talented editor of one of the Community Newspapers who enjoys working with young people and who is very effective in teaching the basics of journalism.

Ross's skills developed very quickly and he was given the responsibility of a field reporter. He had many interesting experiences, including an interview with Trot Nixon from the Boston Red Sox.

Not only did his articles appear on the front page of the newspaper, but also Ross's editor offered him a paid free-lance position this coming year.

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Boston Sports Management Internship
Chelsea - Norwell, MA

Freshman at Noble and Greenough School

Chelsea is an exceptional athlete who is interested in sports management. IC researched firms and connected Chelsea to one of the few female sports agents in the country. Chelsea interned in the entertainment and marketing division of her firm, assisting with administrative tasks, auctions for a variety of client events and on-site event management for a celebrity golf classic. Chelsea appreciated the letter of recommendation she received, something quite unusual for a high school freshman.

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New York City Sports Marketing Internship
Max - Englewood, NJ
Dwight Englewood School

Max was very specific about his interest in sports marketing, an internship that is notoriously difficult to get. We placed him with the Director of Sports Marketing at a prestigious university where Max gained a tremendous amount of experience. Both Max and his mentor were extremely happy with his involvement. Now Max will be able to add this experience to his resume as he applies for future internships and jobs in this field.

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Boston Teaching Internship
Brittany S. – Sudbury, MA
Freshman at Skidmore College

When Brittany was in high school, she worked as a classroom assistant at Sudbury's Children Learning Center. At Skidmore, she gained teaching exposure in Skidmore's Early Childhood Center. Because Brittany was looking for additional classroom experience, the Internship Connection Director felt that since she already had suburban teaching experience, Brittany could benefit from exposure to an urban environment. Dr. Jabbawy established an internship at the King Open School in Cambridge where she had previously trained student teachers.

Brittany interned 3 days per week working in a classroom of 18 students, entering the first and second grades. On our visit Brittany explained, "We keep to a pretty basic schedule always starting with breakfast followed by free play and outdoor activities. The children are taking English classes and I'm reading books to them and helping them with their writing. I've been able to use my artistic skills to incorporate into classroom teaching. I created an art project that relates to their children on their field trips to Walden Pond and the Boston Aquarium."

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Technology and Computers

Boston Technology and Computers Internship
Ben - Andover, MA
Sophomore at Phillips Andover

Ben is a very bright and personable. Our goal was to show Ben how his interest in computers could lead to a career in business and technology. We placed Ben at a fascinating company in Boston, founded by 2 young entrepreneurs. This is one of the fastest growing e- commerce companies in the nation with 80% of its 500 employees under the age of 28. Ben worked directly under the V.P.of Technology. His assignments included everything from delivering new computers to company employees, setting up workstations, to writing code. He sat in on many departmental meetings, spent a day at the company warehouse and listened in on customer calls.

"The internship ended up being a wonderful fit for me. It meshed very well with the interest and knowledge I have with computers and was a great learning position me to see how the different departments (tech, customer service, finance, HR, PR, creative, logistics, and administration) all worked as one company to achieve larger goals. In addition to learning more about computers and programming, my internship gave me invaluable working experience. The people working for the company made the job great, too. Everyone was always welcoming and upbeat. All in all, I had a remarkable experience. Although the internship was unpaid, my boss Mike not only gave me a great letter of recommendation for college, but also offered me a paying job for next summer.

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Boston Television Internship
Nick Bailey - North Reading, MA
Austin Preparatory School

Nick, an Austin Prep junior, is learning the ropes of television production. Internship Connection established an internship for Nick that reflected his interests in television and his previous experiences in theater.

He has created a stellar marketing piece for a community theater group, while at the same time, he learned all facets of TV production- camera work, interviewing, filming, writing and editing. Nick plans to use his film as part of his college application to NYU's Film School.

Nick is pictured with his mentor, an extraordinary educator and Executive Director of the station.

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Boston Television Internship
Amanda K - Newton, MA
Senior at the Rivers School

Last summer, Amanda was placed in the news division of a cable television station, where she learned how to use the camera, helped to create sets for shoots and established shots in the field.

"I valued the independence and how much the station trusted me to go out on my own with a ten thousand dollar camera! Too often interns don't get much responsibility. I wasn't copying papers and getting coffee. I had an amazing experience and was able to learn about the communications field and what goes into being a successful journalist."

The news director spoke highly of her, "Amanda seemed to be a perfect fit for our news team."

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Boston Television News Internship
Katharine - Lincoln, MA
Sophomore at Phillips Exeter

We matched Katharine's interests in broadcast journalism to a wonderful female mentor, the Executive Director of a Cable Television station. Tamarah spoke highly of her intern, "Katharine has been extremely helpful to our station. She has edited news segments that we've put on the air, worked on studio shoots, and is producing a 30 minute documentary on the prevalence of eating disorders."

Katharine spoke about her internship in a community newspaper article, "I was able to try everything from learning how to use the cameras, to editing to running the teleprompter during a live show. The great thing about working at a small station is you get so much hands-on experience."

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Boston Theatre & Communications Internship
Katie G. – Taipei, Taiwan
Junior at the Taipei American School

Katie's interests include theatre and communications. With previous experiences in acting and directing, she was interested in a part-time internship in the States that would introduce her to marketing and public relations as well as leaving some time for college tours.

We arranged an internship for Katie that combined both of her interests. She was mentored by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations of a prestigious theatre in Boston. Katie told us that she gained insight into many aspects of running a theatre including corporate media sponsorship, advertising sales and community partnerships. She plans to apply to American liberal arts colleges as a theatre and communications major and will include her letter of recommendation from the Director in her college applications.

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Boston Theater Internship
Rachel K. - Winthrop, MA
Sophomore at New England College

Rachel turned to the Internship Connection after applying to several theatre internships on her own.

Rachel was placed in stage management at a very prestigious theatre in Boston, where she enjoyed the camaraderie of new friends. The producer-director was impressed with Rachel's work ethic and Rachel will be utilizing the skills she learned when she resumes her role as stage manager at New England College's Mainstage .

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Boston Writing Internship
Camilla H. - Chestnut Hill, MA
Junior at the Winsor School

Camilla is the Editor of her school newspaper and spent the previous summer immersed in CITY term in New York where she enjoyed a literature course and honed her interviewing skills for writers and reporters. IC matched her to a nationally recognized program for writers in Boston. Founded by writers for writers, their goal is to help writers with all aspects of the writing life, from finding inspiration to marketing a finished work.

The program coordinator described Camilla's experience. "Camilla was truly a fantastic intern. She had many responsibilities, including working in our library and organizing collections and writers' resources. We were impressed by a very sophisticated brochure that she developed for our program, where she wrote an article about our teen writing program. She conducted extensive research and incorporated quotes from alumni by interviewing them on the phone. Additionally she participated in our Tenth Anniversary celebration by helping out with activities during and leading up to the event. We loved having such a wonderful young woman who was so mature and skilled beyond her years."

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Boston Writing Internship
Leonard P. - W. Newton, MA
Salisbury School Salisbury, Connecticut

Leonard wrote for the literary journal of his school and was inspired by a well-known author of historical fiction who spoke to his class. Leonard thought it might be interesting to intern for an author during the summer.

We matched Leonard to a well-known writers group in Boston, where he helped out in the office and was able to attend seminars in their summer writing series. The Boston Phoenix described the group as "the best place to hobnob with the literati." Leonard said," I was exposed to workshops on fiction, poetry and screen writing. I learned about issues writers face and met some of Boston's best writers. It was an amazing experience.

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